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What do phishers do with your information?

DearBytes regularly investigates phishing websites that try to steal information from visitors. This may concern the login details of an e-mail service (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo), PayPal or credit card information. DearBytes has investigated what happens with the information after it has come into the possession of a phisher.Read more »

SIEM: data quality over quantity

In the world of SIEM, there are two approaches to retrieve specific information from SIEM: data quantity and data quality. Both approaches have their pros and cons and in the real world it often comes down to a mix of the two. This means that we must adopt a hybrid approach for importing data intoRead more »

Use cases versus hunting

Use cases are a traditional approach to gain insight into incidents in SIEM. The approach that is now emerging is that someone skilled in SIEM is hunting for new threats. Thinking out of the box is an important aspect of this approach. For example, can I stop this process remotely? What may cause critical businessRead more »

SC Magazine recently has reviewed McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

SC Magazine recently has reviewed McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). The result is that SC Magazine recognized McAfee ESM as SC Labs Approved with a five star rating. The magazine states that McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, the heart of Intel Security’s Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution, is the gold standard for enterprise grade SIEMs.Read more »

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