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Outgoing email and your organization’s reputation

Many companies invest in solutions for washing outgoing email and frankly, it’s a necessity. The idea is to have only clean email delivered to the end user’s mailbox, so that the user isn’t bothered or exposed to malicious email. Yet it remains a topic that has escaped the attention of some organizations.Read more »

DearSOC: Why The Hague?

Our premises in Beverwijk no longer offered the space to accommodate the employees we needed to meet increasing demand. This was the reason for the new branch that we are opening this year in The Hague: our Security Operations Center or DearSOC. A frequently recurring question I’m asked is: “Why The Hague?”Read more »

SIEM – Who watches the watchmen

The SIEM provides a wealth of information for the organisation. And therein lies a danger. Because now that we have a single place where everything is collected, we also create an attractive place for an attacker. The question is: who monitors SIEM? Read the blog of Dear Bytes Security Architect Robert van Buuren.Read more »

Back to the future: IRC bots

I regularly check the logs of my web server, and I often discover exploitation attempts of automated scanners there. These scanners are infected systems that look for specific products and vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerable system is found, the scanners automatically try to infect the machine in order to gain control over the machine. These infected machines form a network, called a botnet.Read more »

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