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Back to the future: IRC bots

I regularly check the logs of my web server, and I often discover exploitation attempts of automated scanners there. These scanners are infected systems that look for specific products and vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerable system is found, the scanners automatically try to infect the machine in order to gain control over the machine. These infected machines form a network, called a botnet.Read more »

How to build a Security Operations Center?

DearBytes has been providing managed security services for 10 years and in recent years, the demand has increased such that the physical limitations of our accommodation forced us to expand.Read more »

ePolicy Orchestrator: check in ten steps

ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) allows you to manage most McAfee products from a single console by defining policies, rolling out products and reporting on these products. Proper use of ePO is therefore an essential component of a properly secured network.Read more »

Flash: Why are you still using it?

Previously, Flash was used for multimedia content such as movies and games. With the advent of HTML5, this is no longer necessary and many websites therefore switch to using HTML5 for delivering multimedia content. As a result, the need to have Flash has decreased considerably.Read more »

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