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Still phishing (Phishing blog #2)

In his previous phishing blog, IT Security Expert Rik van Duijn described how phishing is increasingly being used to penetrate companies. In this new blog, he will discuss in more detail the different ways in which phishing attacks are executed. He will discuss the methods and techniques that attackers use.Read more »

Stop ransomware with McAfee TIE

A while back Intel Security released the product McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE). The functionality of TIE is very useful in the battle against ransomware. In a video demonstration Dan Larson, Director of Technical Marketing, explains how. In short TIE offers the possibility to share information about threats with other systems on the network in real-time. TIE canRead more »

SIEM in the SOC

Het security operations center (SOC) is het bewakingscentrum voor de organisatie. Hier monitort en bewaakt men continu of de kritieke assets van de organisatie geen gevaar lopen. Ieder SOC is anders ingericht. Sommige zijn 24/7 ingericht, andere maar 4 uur per dag. Per organisatie kan een SOC ook verschillende doelstellingen hebben. Maar één ding geldt voor ieder SOC: Tijd is cruciaal.Read more »

Outgoing email and your organization’s reputation

Many companies invest in solutions for washing outgoing email and frankly, it’s a necessity. The idea is to have only clean email delivered to the end user’s mailbox, so that the user isn’t bothered or exposed to malicious email. Yet it remains a topic that has escaped the attention of some organizations.Read more »

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