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Flash: Why are you still using it?

Previously, Flash was used for multimedia content such as movies and games. With the advent of HTML5, this is no longer necessary and many websites therefore switch to using HTML5 for delivering multimedia content. As a result, the need to have Flash has decreased considerably.Read more »

Internet freedom as politically divisive

This week, two opposing opinions were uttered by the government regarding Internet freedom. Or so it seemed at least. Finding the right balance between privacy and control in the digital domain thus seems to become politically divisive.Read more »

The road to a mature SIEM

Een SIEM vraagt aandacht, tweaking en tuning gedurende de gehele looptijd dat de SIEM aanwezig is in het netwerk. U kunt niet verwachten dat een tool, uw mensen en processen vanaf dag één op een volwassen niveau zijn. Niet alleen de SIEM moet leren, maar ook uw mensen en uw processen. Ofwel: de SIEM moet opgroeien tijdens zijn levensduur.Read more »

GHOST: critical vulnerability in Linux (CVE-2015-0235)

On Tuesday 27 January, a serious vulnerability in GNU lib C (Glibc) was announced. The Glibc library is a standard component of many Linux implementations. The vulnerability was assigned the number CVE-2015-0235 and is also referred to as ‘GHOST’ by security experts.Read more »

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