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SC Magazine recently has reviewed McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

SC Magazine recently has reviewed McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). The result is that SC Magazine recognized McAfee ESM as SC Labs Approved with a five star rating. The magazine states that McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, the heart of Intel Security’s Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution, is the gold standard for enterprise grade SIEMs.Read more »

Matryoshka dolls: analysing a packer for CTB locker

Rik van Duijn recently ran into a phishing campaign which was spreading CTB-Locker. Victims received an e-mail which looked to be originating from a Dutch web shop. In this email the recipient was informed about an order they placed for the game FIFA 15 for the PlayStation 3.Read more »

Still phishing (Phishing blog #2)

In his previous phishing blog, IT Security Expert Rik van Duijn described how phishing is increasingly being used to penetrate companies. In this new blog, he will discuss in more detail the different ways in which phishing attacks are executed. He will discuss the methods and techniques that attackers use.Read more »

Stop ransomware with McAfee TIE

A while back Intel Security released the product McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE). The functionality of TIE is very useful in the battle against ransomware. In a video demonstration Dan Larson, Director of Technical Marketing, explains how. In short TIE offers the possibility to share information about threats with other systems on the network in real-time. TIE canRead more »

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