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What awaits us in the security field in 2017?

It is now high time to make predictions for 2017. I am therefore selecting four developments for which I foresee a large impact. 1. Ransomware 2.0 Ransomware’s revenue model has proven incredibly lucrative for cybercriminals. The form in which this threat comes to us will however soon change. We have already seen examples of ransomwareRead more »

AV Performance Boost: Endpooint Security 10 Threat Prevention

Let’s have a look at antivirus and performance. Particularly, let’s look at improvements that come with Endpoint Security 10.2 (ENS10) threat Prevention, the successor of Virusscan Enterprise (VSE). The full Endpoint Security 10 installation also replaces Host Intrustion Prevention Firewall (HIPS FW) and SiteAdvisor Enterprise (SAE), but offers some other additions as well. The classicRead more »

Our pentester on tour: Advanced Windows Exploitation course review

This summer, DearBytes pentesters participated in the Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) course in Las Vegas. During this course, several exploits and software bugs were examined, which allow vulnerable systems to be attacked, including Flash HeapSpray in Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10 and breaking out of the Symantec sandbox and the Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation ExperienceRead more »

SME Security Monitoring Service

Let me introduce myself: I am Bas Loovens and since 1 March, I am a Security Operations Centre Product Manager at DearBytes. In previous jobs, I mostly worked from a sales perspective with security and networks. I have always been fascinated by the fact that visual technology, such as Unified Communications, is sold like hotRead more »

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