27 march 2013

McAfee releases ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0

On 26 March 2013, McAfee made ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0 available for downloading. We have drawn up a brief list of this 'major release' new features.

ePO 5.0 features

  • Upgrade Compatibility Utility
    An extremely useful tool for converting the configuration of your current ePO server, running on an unsupported 32-bit Operating System, to your new ePO 5.0 server on a supported 64-bit OS. This tool also identifies product extensions that are not compatible with your new ePO 5.0 environment;
  • McAfee Product Improvement Program
    Helps improve McAfee products by periodically collecting data from ePO-managed systems;
  • Policy and Client Task comparison
    For comparing policies or client tasks with each other so that you know what the differences are and the reasons for those differences;
  • Disaster recovery
    For taking snapshots for back-up and restore purposes for the ePO server configuration and set policies;
  • Simplified product deployment
    For straightforward scheduling, executing and monitoring product deployments using automatically generated graphs;
  • McAfee Agent URL deployment
    For referring endpoints to an URL where they can download a pre-programmed agent installation package;
  • Improved performance
    64-bit support increases the amount of available server memory, supports more sessions, resulting in a better performance;

  • Additional platform support
    Installation of ePO on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP 2 and later.


Upgrade & Installation

Important: as this is a completely new version of ePO, we always recommend performing a clean installation of ePO 5.0.
However, if you still want to do an upgrade, pay careful attention to the requirements necessary for successful completion of the upgrade. For example, if you are using Rogue System Detection, you should upgrade to version 4.7.1 before you start. ePO 5.0 uses a new architecture that also requires new extensions for products. During the upgrade, the ePO setup will indicate which extensions are already up-to-date and which can be updated. The setup also lists the products without updates and which are therefore not supported in ePO 5.0 (yet).
The installation of ePolicy Orchestrator 5.0 is only supported on Windows 2008 and 2012 x64 platforms. Please consult the ePO 5.0 installguide for all installation instructions.
As the only McAfee Authorized Support Provider in the Netherlands, we offer ePO 5.0 upgrade- / installation procedures. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.
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